Alex Burghart selected as Parliamentary Candidate for Brentwood and Ongar

Following a packed selection meeting yesterday between three outstanding candidates, Brentwood and Ongar Conservative Association is delighted to have selected Alex Burghart as the Parliamentary Candidate for the forthcoming General Election on 8th June.

Each candidate spoke for five minutes and fielded questions for twenty minutes in an open forum, followed by a formal ballot.

Alex has considerable political experience and will be a fantastic candidate and we are all thoroughly looking forward to working with him on the campaign trail.

Alex said, “I am deeply honoured to have been selected as the candidate for this wonderful constituency.  Sir Eric has done a sensational job serving local people for the past twenty-five years.  I look forward to campaigning hard to follow in his footsteps at the coming General Election.”

Association Chairman, Mark Reed, added "It was an emotional meeting with a heartfelt farewell speech by Sir Eric and a standing ovation.  We are so honoured to have had such a committed and hardworking MP for twenty-five years and on behalf of everyone, I thank him again for all he has done and wish him and Irene success for the future.  I am very grateful that so many members attended a very positive and uplifting meeting where such an important decision was made."