Brentwood and Ongar Conservative Candidate Praises Essex Police

With the arrival of a number of travellers on council and private land last week, the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Brentwood and Ongar, Alex Burghart, met the Police District Commander, Chief Inspector Lewis Basford, to discuss how the police are dealing with the incursions.

“I was heartened to hear Essex Police are thoroughly aware of the measures they can use when unauthorised encampments occur, and are not afraid to use every part of the law available to them,” said Alex. “I visited Warley Country Park when the travellers arrived and could see how Brentwood Borough Council, Essex County Council and the police worked together quickly to move the caravans on quickly.

“However, private landowners may not be aware of what needs to be done, and unnecessary worry is being caused to those living near private land onto which travellers have moved. We are looking into how we can raise awareness amongst private landowners and create good lines of communication between them and the police so they can take swift action against authorised incursions.”

Mr Burghart also took the opportunity to establish the District Commander’s views about the forthcoming closure of Brentwood Police Station and its move to Brentwood Town Hall.

“Some local political parties are making mischief over this. They are trying to give the impression that Essex Police are moving out of Brentwood and the town will be less safe as a result. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“I was assured by Chief Inspector Basford that the move will improve operations and save money. Local police are looking forward to moving to a more central location where those with whom they interact can easily access services from the Council, Brentwood Mind and the Community Safety Partnership.”