"Car park's 2 hour limit should apply to motorcycles too" says Cllr John Kerslake, Deputy Leader of Brentwood Council.  

Shenfield councillors have received complaints from residents using the Hunter Avenue car park, about the increasing number of motorcycles that are parking for free and all day, taking up space in the shoppers' car park.

Borough councillor, Jan Pound said, " Since the car park has been allocated for shoppers only, we have received good feedback from residents and local businesses as people can now park more easily than before. However, whilst this works well in general, there are commuters who are coming in, leaving their motorcycles so taking up space and disappearing to the station. They aren't even paying to be there at present."

Supporting efforts to get something done about the matter is Deputy Leader of Brentwood Council, John Kerslake. He added, "This is a shoppers’ car park with a limited 2 hour stay to support turnover for the local shops. The motorcycles are taking up spaces, often stay all day and at present, do not have to pay to park. The maximum 2 hour stay should apply to all. I am working with the Shenfield councillors to look at what can be done and will be bringing forward proposals shortly."