Local News

Brentwood backs Conservatives

Brentwood Conservatives are delighted with the recent election success on Thursday 5th May. As Brentwood residents headed to local Polling Stations in their thousands Brentwood Conservatives successfully held nine of the thirteen seats they were defending and gained one from downhearted Liberal Democrats.

A Budget to Fuel Growth

Last year’s Emergency Budget was about rescuing the nation’s finances and paying for Labour’s mistakes. Today’s Budget is about two things: reforming the economy to ensure jobs and growth for the future, and doing what we can to help families with the cost of living.  Brentwood Conservatives are proud to support this budget, announced by George Osborne.

Call for Action on Anti-Social Behaviour

Brentwood’s Conservative ward members for Brentwood South, Cllrs Miss Cheralyn Lewis and Michael Golding, have been working with Essex Police to provide support to prevent ongoing anti-social behaviour near Regency Court, Brentwood.

New Businesses Coming To Brentwood

New retailers continue to arrive to Brentwood, with more on their way, as they see the huge potential and benefits from setting up business in our wonderful Town. Brentwood Conservatives have and will always do everything possible to promote our great town. We won't be glum about our High Street or Town Centre when new businesses want to come Brentwood.

Planning Success Continues

Planning performance continues to improve under Brentwood Conservatives as residents applications are dealt with quicker for residents and staff continue to make the department more efficient.

Brentwood Fire Station Campaign Continues

The campaign to protect Brentwood Fire Station, launched by local Conservative councillors, received massive backing with over 1700 people signing up with their support. The campaign continues though!

Brentwood Conservatives say NO 2 AV

Brentwood Conservatives have issued their verdict on the Alternative Vote referendum planned for 5th May 2011. We urge Brentwood residents to say NO2AV.In a motion to the last meeting of the Ordinary Council Cllr William Lloyd urged Councillors to come together and show their support for the current system, First Past The Post, which we use to elect our Member of Parliament's in Westminster.

Leading the Campaign for East Ham Shops

Local resident David Bishop has launched a campaign to encourage new shops into the neglected East Ham and Three Arches estates where Labour-controlled Newham Council has made no effort to bring new services to shops which have been standing empty for far too long.

Your Brentwood Your Future

Brentwood Conservatives have set out their clear and detailed vision for the future of Brentwood as we launched our 2011 Local Election Campaign Manifesto on Saturday 19th February.As Brentwood Conservatives continue to set the pace to this years local election campaign we have made clear to the residents of our Borough, this is "Your Brentwood, Your Future". Our detailed manifesto outlines the direction we will take Brentwood over the coming four years.

Council Tax Freeze

Brentwood Conservatives have announced a freeze on Council Tax with a 0% increase approved despite the Liberal Democrats opposing the budget. Protecting frontline services and delivering value for money has ensured that Brentwood residents do not face higher Council Tax bills as a result of Labour's Debt Crisis.