Crossrail Planning Application Should be Decided By Full Council

Councillor Louise McKinlay said, “The Crossrail project is hugely significant for our Borough and it is only right that those elected by residents, make the decision on crucial matters such as hours of operation, site layout and reinstatement plans. I hope all parties will back the motion and appreciate that it would be inappropriate for either unelected Council officials to decide, or for a small number of councillors who just happen to sit on the Planning Development and Control Committee to have the final say.”

The motion will be discussed as part of the Full Council agenda on the 22nd October 2014. If it passes with a majority, the Planning Development and Control Committee will first review ithe application and will make a recommendation to Full Council for final approval.

Louise added, “In the meantime, the Conservative Group is hoping to hear from residents with their views on the detail of proposals or with any questions, so please do get in touch at”

Anyone interested in knowing more, can view the planning application at:, under reference number 14/01016/CROSS.

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Contact: Louise McKinlay 07786 324743

Notes: Direct Link to Application:

Full Motion Wording:

That, as members of Brentwood Borough Council believe that Crossrail is a major project for the Borough, planning application BRW/14/01016/CROSS stands referred to the Planning and Development Control Committee for consideration and to make a recommendation only and that Council shall itself determine that application, notwithstanding any scheme of delegation."

Part 2:

"That, should the timetable of scheduled meetings of the Planning and Development Control Committee and/or the Council be likely to adversely impact on the legally stipulated timeframe for the determination of planning application BRW/14/01016/CROSS, the Council shall submit a written request to the applicant to consent to an extension of time for determination and that delegated power be granted to the Acting Chief Executive, in consultation with the Chair of the Crossrail Working Group, the Leader of the Council and the Leader of the Opposition Group, to submit such a request and to call if required such extraordinary meeting or meetings of the Planning and Development Control Committee and the Council as may be necessary."