Great British Spring Clean

This weekend saw volunteers from across Brentwood take part in the "Great British Spring Clean." 

The national initiative encourages communities to come together and help clear up litter from open spaces within their communities. 

Conservative councillors joined in the event and helped to fill a whole van load of rubbish, which was collected from Wash Road, Lower Road, Shenfield Common and Hutton Village. 

Chair of the Environment and Housing Committee, Chris Hossack said, "The day brought home just what an impact dropping rubbish and dumping fly tipping can have on an area. Councils up and down the country spend millions of pounds each year tidying up. This is money that could be invested in so many other areas if people would simply think about how they dispose of waste. The items we collected included old tyres, bits of plastic, broken hubcaps, bottles and much more."

Additional resources to help keep the borough clean and tidy, were agreed in the budget recently and will see an extra team dedicated to improving the appearance of Brentwood.

Chris welcomed this move and added; "The bulk of rubbish at the roadside is thrown from cars which is unacceptable, anti-social behaviour.  Picking up litter from the sides of busy roads is actually very dangerous. People put the lives of street care operatives at risk when they have to clean up after them. It is much safer, simpler and respectful to take your litter home."

If you would like more information about the next community action day, please drop us a line.