Ingatestone High Street - Gas Works Update

Ingatestone High Street Gas Works Update

Good news that Cadent have now changed their signs at either end of Ingatestone to refer to temporary traffic lights and not High Street closures.  So Ingatestone will continue to be open for business this year.  The signs refer to 6 weeks of temporary traffic lights instead.

Cllr Jon Cloke and I met with Cadent and Essex County Council Officers again yesterday and there will now be two pieces of gas work to be done in our High Street this year.  The first is the emergency work to replace a key piece of equipment (LARP) between the junction with Station Lane and The Furlongs which will take about 10 days.  This is work they simply have to do this year.   The second will be some additional work between there and Deepdene up to a maximum of 4 weeks, all under temporary traffic light control.    Given sufficient time in that 4 weeks they may also do the same for the section from Station Lane to Chantry Drive but not over-running the school holidays. No road closures will be allowed by ECC for any of this work.

This will extend the period of temporary lights but will reduce and simplify the amount of work that has to be done under the planned road closure for next year and will alleviate the overall impact of the gas main replacement project on us all.  This will also allow ECC to co-ordinate our proposed drainage work at the gatehouse near the Station Lane level crossing to deal with the flooding there and help the renovation of the gatehouse.


County Cllr Lesley Wagland - Brentwood Rural Division