Lab / Lib Proposals to Reduce Parish Councils Funding to ZERO Sends Shock Waves Through the Villages.

Lab / Lib proposals to cut ALL grant money to Parish Councils has been met with great concern in the villages across Brentwood. 

Plans proposed at the Community Committee would see the funding which is given to Parish Councils, by Brentwood Borough Council, reduced over the next three years and phased out completely by 2018.

Shadow Community Chairman, Keith Parker said, “We all understand that budgets are tight and we agree that changes need to be made to how Parish Councils in the Borough are funded. However, to give them a big fat zero is not the answer!”

Parish Councils do a lot of very worthy work across the Borough, improving their areas and facilities for local people.

Keith added, “I have spoken to many residents about this and they are extremely worried. This move by the coalition in Brentwood is nothing but mean and short-sighted. It undermines the very good work the Parishes do and could ultimately end up costing the Borough Council more when they have to pick up the pieces. Our Conservative plans will not allow all funding to be wiped out, leaving them high and dry with no financial support. Such an approach only weakens the localism agenda and does nothing to encourage people at the grass roots to volunteer and get involved. A balance needs to be found.”