Local Development Plan Consultation Launched

 The LDP seeks to identify sites for development in the borough over the next twenty years. Given the significance of the Plan, Conservatives believe it is vital that residents have an input in deciding where these will be.

Surprisingly, Brentwood Lib Dems chose not to support this, a decision that has baffled many, who are at a loss as to why they would seek to deny residents a proper say.


Chair of the Borough’s Planning Committee, Roger McCheyne said, “The LDP needs to be in place by March 2017. If this deadline is not met, the Secretary of State can impose a Plan WITHOUT consultation with either the local council or residents. He may then choose any sites he sees fit and the decision would be totally out of the hands of both the Council and residents. Why the Lib Dems would not support giving residents a say is baffling. It is crucial that Brentwood determines its own future and that we make these decisions ourselves.”  


 In the face of such opposition, Brentwood Conservatives are working hard to make sure Brentwood meets the deadline. From the 10th February - 23rd March, residents and businesses have an opportunity to respond to the Council’s consultation, when comments and concerns relating to any of the possible sites can be raised.


 Leader of the Council, Louise McKinlay added, “As part of the consultation, the Council will also be in discussions with other key stakeholders like the NHS, Highways, Education Services and Environmental Services to ensure that any development which is included in the plan is both deliverable and sustainable. The infrastructure is fundamental and without sufficient provision in place, no development will happen and the site will not be included in the final plan.”  


For more information, please visit www.brentwood.gov.uk/localplan and register your views.