Mosbach Pond - Local Partnerships at Work

As a resident of the Thriftwood estate, Borough Councillor, Mark Reed appreciates what a lovely place it is to live with so much woodland and wildlife on the doorstep.

Along with his ward colleague, Councillor Roger Hirst, he has been supporting the community wildlife project at Mosbach Pond. Over recent decades, the pond has changed from a full water-filled space to a wet 'marshy' wildlife area where flora and fauna thrives, especially newts. The Council has supported this unique space with work from the grounds maintenance staff as well as specific purchases from local ward budgets. 

Recently significant works have been undertaken to remove several trees, with the aim of reducing the demand on the water source and see the pond re-fill. As a result, the pond is increasingly becoming an oasis for rare wildlife such as great crested newts - in fact, all three breeds of newt are to be found in and around this pond. Work has also been undertaken by the Rangers from the Council Depot to replace the wooden knee-high posts that secure the pond area.

Mark said, "This work could not have been safely completed without the advice and support from EARG - the Essex Amphibian and Reptile Group. This team of hard-working volunteers monitors spaces such as Mosbach Pond and has been providing help and guidance to council workers in providing the best facilities for our wildlife to flourish. Crucial to the project, has been their advice on the great crested newt which is protected in law. Their input has been very appreciated by the volunteers taking part in the project."

All five native amphibians; newts, frogs and toads are to be found at this wildlife pond.

EARG have become true friends and supporters of Mosbach pond and the residents are grateful for all they continue to do. It is partnerships such as this that make our community stronger.