"Short sighted" decision allows season ticket holders to park in Hutton Poplars Hall carpark

The decision to allow season ticket holders from Friars Avenue and Hunter Avenue carparks to park in the carpark of Hutton Poplars Hall has been met with anger and disappointment by local residents.

The move comes as part of the Lab/Lib solution to the increasing parking problems in Shenfield, ahead of the carparks becoming free for three hours from the 1st April.

Hutton North ward councillor, Louise McKinlay was not consulted over the matter. She said, “I received notification on Friday of this new arrangement. It was not brought to me for comment of feedback ahead of being decided and frankly it is ludicrous and very short sighted. Those less familiar with the area may not know just how busy the Poplars estate gets. I have asked for a meeting with Graeme Clark, Chairman of the Council’s Crossrail Working Group to discuss in more detail.”

Over the weekend, Louise and Hutton North candidate for the May Borough elections, Will Trump, wrote to all of the residents informing them of the decision and raising concerns.

Will added, “We have been inundated with emails and comments back from residents who are rightly angry, not just at the decision but also how it was taken without any consultation. With two schools and a busy hall, it is hard to see where the cars are expected to go, without causing severe disruption to residents.”

It is hoped that the meeting will deliver the right result for residents and that common sense will prevail. In an already congested area, extra cars are not needed. If the Hall carpark is full, then hall users will have to park outside residents’ homes, further clogging up the roads.

Danielle Farmer, Secretary of the Residents’ Association said, "I am angry and disappointed that the Council has agreed to do this and without any consultation whatsoever with residents or with our councillor, Louise McKinlay. The Hall carpark is well used and with the two schools, the traffic is already very heavy. The residents of Hutton Poplars will have a nightmare just trying to get to and from our homes. The decision is totally thoughtless and will create more problems. It is just moving the problem of parking further down the road from Shenfield and it should have been planned for more carefully. Extra parking was obviously going to be needed for Crossrail. We will fight this every step of the way with Louise.”