Tackling Fly Tipping

Councillor Chris Hossack, Chairman of the council's Environment and Housing Committee is stepping up the battle against flytipping.

Seen here at a recent fly tip in Navestock, Chris reported the site to the Council's Environmental Team for clearance but ahead of doing so, checked for evidence of the perpetrators. Some information was discovered and this has been passed on to the Council’s Enforcement Team, who are now reviewing the evidence to see if any legal steps can be taken against the individuals who so thoughtlessly dumped the waste.

Over the last few months, the Council has been pushing for more covert mobile CCTV to try to catch ignorant fly tippers. Chris said, "We are starting to get more and more cameras in place, with the full intent of identifying and prosecuting these people who ruin our town. We will always review any evidence found on site and if a case can be built, we will not hesitate to start legal proceedings."