Tackling Parking on Verges in Chelmsford Road

Following complaints from many residents, Shenfield councillors, Jan Pound and Louise Rowlands have been working hard to tackle the issue of parking on grass verges in Chelmsford Road. 

Jan said, " The situation is often hazardous and dangerous to other highways users. I have discussed the matter with the Council and I am delighted to report that action will be taken." 

As a result of those discussions, new signage will be erected on the verges and warning letters will be issued where appropriate to remind people not to leave their cars on the grass. Persistent offenders will ultimately receive penalty notices.

Louise Rowlands added, " With the winter weather drawing closer, the matter once again comes to light as the verges get churned up by the parked cars. They leave marks from the tyres with the grassed areas looking very messy.The new signage will hopefully help to deter people from parking there."