An Urgent Update from Roger McCheyne re: Eagle Field and Doddinghurst Common

An Urgent Update from Cllr Roger McCheyne re: Eagle Field and Doddinghurst Common

Dear Resident,

Over the weekend of 7-8th of March we were made aware that Eagle field and Doddinghurst common were being put to auction by the owners on the 25th of March with a guide price of £50k. 

As you will know Eagle Field has been leased and maintained by the Parish Council for over 25 years and is used by many residents.  As a result of this potential loss to the community I held discussions with the Kelvedon Hatch Parish Council and came up with the proposal to request Brentwood Borough Council to assign the site as an “Asset of Community Value”.  This means that the land may not be sold for 6 months which allows time for the local community to either raise funds to buy the land or find a supportive local purchaser.

On Monday 9th March I met with Cllr Stephen Saunders, Chair of the Parish Council and we completed all the paper work for the application to Brentwood Borough Council in the name of the Parish Council.  I am pleased to report that with the help of the communities staff at Brentwood Borough Council it was brought before the Communities and Health Committee meeting on Tuesday the 10th, where it was passed with a unanimous vote.

There is now an opportunity for the Kelvedon Hatch community to see if either there is an appetite to raise the funds collectively or alternatively find a local buyer committed to securing the safe future of these two local areas.  Discussions are already on-going in respect of such planning.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss further.  I will endeavour to keep you updated.   Because of the current coronavirus we have had to circulate this by social media.  For that reason please kindly forward to anyone who may be interested to make them aware. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Cllr Roger McCheyne

Email :           Mobile : 07973 408233