Lib Dems: Cutting Services but not the Grass!

At Wednesday's budget meeting, the Lib Dems presented their budget proposals, which focused on introducing extra parking charges and not cutting the grass verges. 

Brook Street Set to Bloom

The Brook Street entrance to Brentwood is set to bloom next Spring, thanks to the efforts of South Weald councillor, Ann Coe.

Wates Way

Wates Way is a prime site for redevelopment in Brentwood. Near the town centre,
it is not well placed as an industrial estate. In the Local Development Plan -
Preferred Options, which has recently been consulted on by the Council, it is
highlighted as a site for residential development. With the need for new housing
in the town, especially smaller units for new home-makers, Wates Way would be
ideal for people who want the convenience of being able to access our bustling
High Street and the surrounding businesses.

Energy Price Freeze

A freeze in energy prices enforced by the government would be a disastrous
economic policy. We know from the bitter experience of the 1970s what damage it
does: freezing prices while costs rise means industry is unable to invest, so
supply withers. In the 70s we had black-outs and restrictions on energy use. And
when the price freeze inevitably crumbles, we are left with demand much larger
than supply, and an inflationary surge in prices. A policy intended to stabilise
living standards ends up raising the cost of living.