Train travel savings for Veterans with new Railcard

Armed Forces veterans will qualify for a new Railcard giving a third off the cost of train travel under a majority Conservative government, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced today.

We’re ready for a General Election

We’re holding a general election on 12 December – so we can elect a new Parliament, get Brexit done and let the country move on.

Blackmore - Local Development Plan Update

Blackmore - Local Development Plan Update

Local Cllr Peter Jakobsson has been out delivering a local update to Blackmore residents regarding the two sites in the LDP and the consultation process with the Inspector.  

Shenfield - Local Development Plan Update

Shenfield - Local Development Plan Update

Cllr Jan Pound and Cllr James Tumbridge have provided an update on the Local Development Plan for local Shenfield residents.  

Click on the link below if you wish to read their update on the two Shenfield sites.


Taking Back Control

Taking Back Control

Today the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has got a new deal and proved the opposition parties wrong.