Cllr Tom McLaren

South Weald - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Tom McLaren - Tom was first elected to South Weald in 2018.   He has previously been a councillor in Redbridge.   Tom lives in Blackmore with his family and is a keen cyclist.   Tom currently serves on the Planning & Licensing Committee.

Cllr Charles Nolan

Hutton Central - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Charles Nolan - Charles has lived in Brentwood since 2012 and is a ward councillor for Hutton Central.  Until recently he worked in Warley at Ford Motor Company, he now works with connected vehicles for Ford Mobility in Stratford.   Charles chairs the Audit and Scrutiny Committee.

Cllr Keith Parker

Brizes & Doddinghurst - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Keith Parker - Keith was first elected as local councillor in 2007 where he has lived with his family for many years.   He has served and chaired most of the committees during those years.  Currently Keith serves the role as Mayor of Brentwood.

Cllr Marie Pearson

Herongate, Ingrave & West Horndon - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Marie Pearson - Marie is the newly elected councillor for Herongate, Ingrave and West Horndon ward.  She has lived in Herongate for 5 years and her daughter attends the Brentwood Ursuline school. Marie is the Office Manager of Vintage Food Trucks.

Cllr Cliff Poppy

Brizes & Doddinghurst - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Cliff Poppy - Cliff retired from working in The City back in 2013.  He first became Councillor for the Brizes & Doddinghurst ward in 2015 and was re-elected in May 2019. He is responsible for chairing the Community & Health Committee.

Cllr Jan Pound

Shenfield - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Jan Pound - Jan first became a councillor for Warley in 2005.   She became a Councillor for Shenfield In 2017 having moved to the area.  Jan loves spending time with her grandchildren and as a result has a keen interest in young people.

Cllr Mark Reed

Hutton South - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Mark Reed - Mark was first elected as councillor for Hutton South back in 2009.  He has served on many key committees in that time and has also been a past Mayor of Brentwood.   Currently Mark is a member of the Community & Health Committee.

Cllr Olivia Sanders

Hutton East - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Olivia Sanders - Olivia was elected at Hutton East Councillor back in 2014.  She was re-elected again in 2018 by Hutton East residents. She is currently Chair of Planning & Licensing Committee and also serves in the role of Deputy Mayor - Brentwood Borough Council.

Cllr Sandy Tanner

Hutton North - Brentwood Borough Council

Cllr Sandy Tanner - Sandy was elected as a councillor for Hutton North ward in May 2019.